Gestaltbare Fußmatte Colorstar

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GestaltbarFussbodenheizung40 °Cinnen und überdachtrutschfestallergikerkein PVCMattenservice

 gestaltbare Fußmathe Colorstar

-induvidually designeable doormatt, in photo print quality

-Tread edge approx. 20 mm, approx. 10 mm thickness overall

-Polyster Flor with 50% recycled PET bottles

-washable (mashine washable  40° C, Color detergent)

-excellent color and wash resistance

-high stain resistance

-flat lying, non slip on almost all floors

-good picture quality, very good dirt absorbation

Spezial Sizes ( 20% Surcharge)

Spezial Shapes ( after technical clarification)

Spezial colors (on Request)

Delivery:      aproxx. 3-5  Weeks after release

Color Spectrum:      66 standard Colors

Maximal width:        200cm / with or without edge available

Maximale length:     550 cm

Dimensions always inclusive surrounding rubber edge

A size tolerance of +/-3%  is due the production technology and material.

Graphic work is provided by us and is usually free of charge.A single correction run is free of charge.If a design is created and no order is placed, we will charge a flat rate of €50 for this work. Colour deviations between representation on Paier and screen to the commodity possible, likewise for repeat orders.

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