Customer Service by mymat

What do we offer to our customer

We always endeavor to absorb and implement the wishes and suggestions of our customers and website visitors. Our goal is 100% agreement between customer expectations and offer and thus top quality. This affects not only the range of floor mats but also the printing process, the colors, fonts, symbols, patterns and other design elements. We also want to make our design tool, the mat designer, as user-friendly as possible. We are aware that on the one hand we come up against technical limits, but we also have very different customers. A trained graphic designer or designer has different expectations than the customer who is looking for an original gift for a specific occasion. For this reason, we are consciously not addressing the professional on this page, but rather the designer. We ask the professionals for their understanding and recommend that we simply send the design created with their professional tools and have them printed by us. Our goal is a design tool that can be used by "everyone". And here we need your support. We're looking forward to your suggestions.

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