Shipping Costs by mymat

The shipping costs depend on:

  • product Shipping
  • weight
  •  Country of delivery


Packing stations in the German Mail are not supplied by us, because the trays for the mymat packages (roles) are too small. When shipping to Switzerland cases import turnover tax), duties and any other charges. These are the responsibility of the recipient. Additional costs for a second delivery*) (address clarification, routing, tracking, etc.).


 Second delivery within Germany              EUR 15.00
 Second delivery in EU Member States EUR 15.00
 Second delivery in third countries EUR 25.00


Costs for the second delivery attempt will then, if a successful delivery, for reasons that are neither by us or by our authorized service package are represented, is not possible (e.g. Incomplete address details, refusal of acceptance, not encounter of the addressee). The scheme for the refusal of acceptance shall not apply to an exercise of the right of withdrawal by additional explicit declaration.
You are on the day of delivery are not at home? Would you like to change the delivery address? Now you can proactively via the consignment number your DHL parcel redirect. Go, after delivery of the consignment code on , enter your tracking code and edit their address data.
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