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About us: A small Company History
Our mymat.de team has been pursuing the Goal of being the first Provider on the Market for more than 10 years (And thus the first supplier on the market) to enable Consumers, companies, Advertisers, agencies and other creative Minds to use Doormats, entry runners or Carpets "on demand"To have produced. Starting from a Circulation From one Piece Anyone can customize their Doormat online. For This purpose, we developed the Mat Designer as early as the early 2000s, who over the Years has become increasingly new Features for Shaping Got to it. For example, you can also choose from attractive Background Patterns on different Topics and design a Doormat for the Kitchen, Children's Room carpets, entrance mats, Mats for balcony and Terrace according to your personal Living Style. Motifs and Symbols for the romantic, modern, abstract, elegant or Country House Style can be easily brought to the self-printable Doormat and the Personlised Foot Mat Then order directly. You can choose from numerous Sizes and Formats. Special Formats such as round Doormats, Floor Mats in Heart Shape, or oval Entrance Mats can also be easily designed by themselves. There are 32 Standard Colours and Patterns, Motifs and Symbols from different Categories available. Whether the Foot Mat To lie on Balcony or Terrace, as an Entrance mat or Doormat for the Hobby room is intended, in The Mat designer all areas of application of the self-designed Carpets or Mats can be covered. All Mats From the House Mymat Are made in Germany, they are washable, easy to care for and made from high-quality Materials. The Mat Surface from Polyamide Flor It is easy to care for and can be easily siphoned off. The wraparound Rubber lip And Non-slip Rubber gaps ensure a Plan to Lie down and safely stop on almost all Floor coverings. Self-printed Flormatten from Mymat PVC-free and are also ideal as a Dog mat or Cat carpet. Our Aim has always been to implement Individuality and Personality for our Customers. At Mymat Anyone can design and order their personal Doormat online. She comes straight home in about a Week. Satisfied Customers, positive Customer Reviews and loyal Buyers from all over Europe always confirm us good Performances. Our Promise: We'll stay tuned!

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